Culpepper Compensation Data Integrity
Data Integrity & Methodology
You can use our compensation survey data
with confidence in both source and methods

Designed for HR Professionals

Culpepper Compensation Surveys are designed for business use by HR and compensation professionals and executives.

We do not collect data from or sell data to consumers, preventing any possible or perceived conflicts of interest with our corporate survey participants.

Company-Sourced Data
Collected Directly from Employers

We collect data directly from HR and compensation professionals in participating organizations. Our analysts carefully verify all data before it is imported into our database.

Year-Round Survey Cycle

We collect and report updated compensation data year-round, allowing you to base your compensation decisions on always-current data. Since we collect and update compensation data throughout the year, our data more accurately reflects changes in the market compared to surveys that only collect and report data once a year.

At the beginning of each month, we publish new datasets with current data for our online reports. To ensure consistency in the data you are using, you have the option to use the latest dataset or continue working with an existing dataset.

Annual cash compensation in each dataset is age adjusted to a common effective date using budgeted base salary increase factors provided by our participants. You can choose from multiple datasets with different effective dates, including current, past, and future (projected) dates.

Data Integrity

We harness the power of data analytics with the experience of our compensation specialists to ensure that our data is both accurate and reliable.

Our analysts thoroughly review all submitted survey data for completeness and accuracy. We carefully verify all data before it is imported into our database.

If a survey submission is incomplete or contains questionable data points, our compensation specialists contact the participant directly to verify and update information.

Throughout the year, as new data is imported and old data is removed, we conduct detailed audits of our survey database. This process helps ensure that the data in our database is reliable and valid.

You can use our data with confidence in both the source and methodology.