Advantages of Culpepper Compensation Surveys
Culpepper is a leading provider and trusted source for compensation market data.
We collect compensation data directly from HR professionals in participating organizations, and our analysts carefully verify all data before entry into our database. You can use our data with confidence in both the source and survey methodology.
Access Current Compensation Market Data Throughout the Year
We collect and report updated compensation data year-round, allowing you to base your decisions on always-current data.

Compensation outputs include base salaries, salary structures, short-term cash incentives, total cash compensation, equity compensation & long-term incentives, total direct compensation, incentive eligibility, hourly pay rates, shift differentials, compensation ratios, and more.

We provide powerful and easy-to-use online reporting tools for viewing and analyzing compensation data. You can request an unlimited number of customizable compensation reports at no extra fee. Customization options include preferences for compensation outputs, data cuts, statistical metrics, you-to-market comparisons, and more.
Wide Range of Jobs
We deliver relevant, industry-specific compensation data for organizations providing technical, engineering, scientific, and medical products and services. Primary sectors include IT, technology, engineering, life sciences, and healthcare.

We provide compensation data for a wide range of jobs, facilitating accurate matches to more of your jobs. Key job functions include accounting & finance, administration, customer service & support, data analytics, engineering, executives, healthcare, HR, IT, legal, life sciences, manufacturing & production, marketing & advertising, operations, professional services & consulting, project management, R&D, sales, software, supply chain & logistics, technology, and more.
We report worldwide compensation data to meet your local, national, and international needs.

We provide compensation data for specific geographic locations, allowing you to more accurately price your jobs.