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Good data drives intelligent decisions, and intelligent compensation decisions demand deep, accurate data you can trust.
Culpepper Compensation Surveys provide market data that organizations need to benchmark competitive and effective compensation programs. Thousands of organizations use Culpepper survey data to benchmark their global compensation programs.

Comprehensive data is provided for base salaries, salary structures, short-term cash incentives, cash allowances, total cash compensation, equity compensation & long-term incentives, total direct compensation, incentive eligibility, hourly pay rates, shift differentials, compensation ratios, and more.

Our compensation surveys are designed to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, ranging from start-ups to multi-national corporations. You have the option of customizing your online subscription license to only include the job functions and countries you need.

Survey Solutions by Industry
Culpepper Complete Compensation Survey Solutions provide complete access to our global compensation survey database and cloud reporting tools.
Surveys by Broad Job Function
Our core compensation surveys provide global data for a wide range of jobs by broad function.

Compensation Surveys by Job Specialty
Our compensation surveys by job speciality provide global data for a cross section of jobs from multiple core surveys.

Compensation Survey Solutions
for Small Companies

We also offer several different compensation survey solutions and options to meet the unique needs of start-ups, emerging companies, and small companies with limited budgets.

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Salary Budget &
Compensation Planning Survey

The Culpepper Salary Budget & Compensation Planning Survey provides global salary increase budget data for over 140 countries and geographic regions.

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